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Qigong Healing

What can you expect from practicing Qigong Exercises? Many people are fascinated by the healing powers of Qigong. It seems the stuff of legend and if you search online, you can read about personal accounts of people who have used Qigong to overcome health challenges. From these personal accounts we know that people have benefited […]

The Essential Components for Effective Kung Fu

I was reading an article online the other day and there was a sentence that struck me. It said something like- there is a tendency to define martial arts on how they are unique or what sets them apart from other styles rather then how they are similar. This got me thinking, first- that is […]

Stretching and Flexibility in Kung Fu

There are many different ideas and approaches to stretching. In this article I will attempt to discuss several of them and also share some of my research on the subject of stretching. There are two main schools of thought on stretching- stretching is not necessary in and of itself stretching is vital for improved performance […]

Qi Sensations in Qigong

When people practice Qigong, something that always is of interest is- “How do I feel my Qi?”. Because of popular media on the subject the consensus seems to be that Qi is the answer. We need to cultivate it, store it, circulate it, and it will give us power for the internal martial arts (without […]

Shaolin Kung Fu An Overview

  Shaolin Kung Fu. When you hear this, pictures might flash across your mind. You might imagine an old monk teaching a small boy in a remote temple, you might smile as you think about the old Shaw Brothers movies that you used to watch on TV, or you might think about athletic monks in […]

6 Tips For Improving Your Kung Fu Stances

The most important part of Kung Fu is the foundation and the stances. Ask any Master, they will agree. In this article you will learn 6 tips for improving your Kung Fu Stances. 1 – Foot Position is Key To have a correct stance, you must place your feet in the correct position. When the […]

Secrets of Kung Fu – Nei Kung by Yuan ChuCai

Secrets of Kung Fu – By Yuan Chu Tsai Translation – 2004 – Franklin Fick a selection from the text (rough translation) Introduction Martial art of our country is divided into internal and external, light and hard, obvious and mysterious. When it’s mysterious, it’s considered internal, to train for this one uses Jing, Qi, and […]

Taiji Quan As Internal Cultivation

Taiji Quan is an art with Taoist origins. Like the Tao, Taiji Quan is hard to talk about because it encompasses so many different aspects. Taiji Quan can be described as a physical exercise, qi gong, a martial art, and a spiritual practice. The origin of Taiji Quan is very obscure but the benefits gained […]

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