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Secrets of Kung Fu – Nei Kung by Yuan ChuCai

Secrets of Kung Fu – By Yuan Chu Tsai Translation – 2004 – Franklin Fick a selection from the text (rough translation) Introduction Martial art of our country is divided into internal and external, light and hard, obvious and mysterious. When it’s mysterious, it’s considered internal, to train for this one uses Jing, Qi, and […]

Taiji Quan As Internal Cultivation

Taiji Quan is an art with Taoist origins. Like the Tao, Taiji Quan is hard to talk about because it encompasses so many different aspects. Taiji Quan can be described as a physical exercise, qi gong, a martial art, and a spiritual practice. The origin of Taiji Quan is very obscure but the benefits gained […]

Taiji Breathing Techniques

When you first start practicing Taiji Quan your emphasis is on perfecting the form. Usually on the first day you are taught the basic Wuji posture and told all the requirements that you must fulfill to hold the posture correctly. Just standing still it feels awkward, uncomfortable, and some times overwhelming to get everything right. […]

Kung Fu Training Prohibitions

Anyone who’s been in the Chinese martial arts for a period of time will be familiar with some sort of training prohibitions. Some of these prohibitions make perfect sense like don’t exercise with a full stomach. But, other prohibitions seem very far-fetched and almost mystical. To the Western mind some of these don’t make any […]

Why are Kung Fu Stances Important?

Good Kung Fu comes from good stances. Stances are fundamental and important for all Kung Fu practitioners. Because stances are the first thing learned it is easy to try to move on to the next thing. The striking, throwing, kicking, and joint locking of Kung Fu is exciting. Correct stances provide the proper base for […]

Understanding Qigong

Qigong is a deep and very rewarding field of study. Qigong actually refers to a class of exercise originating in Ancient China. These exercises have been long regarded for their ability to offer practitioners good health and longevity. If you want to find out more about Qigong please keep reading. What is Qigong Qigong is […]

What is Qi?

There is endless discussion about what Qi is. If you research on the internet you can become very confused, because it seems no two people will ever agree. On top of that their are people who even say that Qi doesn’t exist. The reality is that understanding Qi is not difficult. Just keep reading to […]

Why is San Ti Shi important in Xing Yi Quan?

San Ti is at the same time the most fundamental aspect of Xing Yi Quan and also advanced training. This seems like a contradictory sentence. In the West we have a hard time equating something that is fundamental training with something that’s important and high level. But we must remember that it is the fundamental […]

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