There are many reasons why you might want to learn Kung Fu. The benefits of training are not exclusive. This means that if you are interested in training for one reason you might get some of the other benefits listed as well. It really doesn't matter why you are interested, if you train you will experience at least some of the benefits listed below.

Franklin Fick - Ng Ga Kuen (Southern Shaolin) - Crane Acting

Franklin Fick - Ng Ga Kuen (Southern Shaolin) - Crane Acting

1- Kung Fu is a Great Workout.

Tired of the same old gym routines or the newest craze in fitness that is just like all the others. Why not try some Kung Fu training. Kung Fu is not new, in fact it is ancient. It strengthens the body and the mind. Originally the goal of training Kung Fu was to become a well conditioned and deadly fighter because back in the day your life might well depend on it.

Today we can use the traditional exercises and forms of Kung Fu to get a great workout. It will keep your interest as you learn new material. If you want fitness that is more than just calisthenics or a simple collection of drills and exercises that you will probably find boring in a couple of weeks, then you should learn Kung Fu.

2- Kung Fu is great for Self Defense.

As stated previously Kung Fu is originally a fighting art. Each movement in Kung Fu is practical and can be used to defend against an attack. But, Kung Fu training is more than just techniques. As you learn Kung Fu you train your mind and your body, you develop coordination and confidence, and you develop awareness. These aspects are essential when facing any situation. Of course the punches, kicks, joint locks, and throws help too.

3- Kung Fu training can be great for your Health.

One of the benefits of a great workout is how it can enhance your health. When people think about Kung Fu they might picture high kicks or acrobatic forms but that is only one aspect of what Kung Fu is. There are many styles of Kung Fu that can be considered low impact. An example would be Tai Chi Chuan whcih is one of the soft or internal styles of Kung Fu. Other internal styles include Xing Yi Quan and Bagua Zhang. These internal arts are well known for their health benefits and are very popular throughout the world because of them. In addition many arts have exercises for improving health, flexibility, and for conditioning and strengthening different parts of the body.

4- Learn Kung Fu for the Art.

As you learn Kung Fu you find that the practice is more than just kicking and punching. As you progress through an art you learn the basics, the principles, the forms, the exercises, the applications, but all of these are really a study of yourself. It is you who is doing the movements, and in time it may become more than something you "just" do. The understanding gained from long term practice becomes part of who you are.

You also realize that you are part of a living tradition. Its not just about how many repetitions you can do or how you look in the mirror. You become a part of a tradition that has been passed down through many generations.