When training Iron Palm years ago, it was common to refer to the Iron Palm Liniment an Dit Da Jow. But are they the same thing?

Well,the answer is Yes and No. Iron Palm Liniment is a Dit Da Jow. But all Dit Da Jow are not Iron Palm Liniments. If this is confusing, keep reading. I will explain.

Sifu Fick Expalining How To Make Liniment
Sifu Fick explaining what you need to make your own Iron Palm Liniment (from our Complete Iron Palm Course)

Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jou translates as Fall Hit Medicine. It is a herbal medicine used topically for injuries from falling or being hit. In other words, it is used for external trauma like sprains, bruises, etc. Usually these types of injury do not include broken skin.

There are many different formulas or recipes for Dit Da Jow. Not only would different doctors have their own special recipe, but there are different formulas for different types of injury. For example,treating a bruise will use different herb than a sprain, a bone injury, or a pulled muscle. Most Dit Da Jow formulas can not be used for Iron Palm training. They just are not designed for that.

Iron Palm Liniment

Iron Palm Liniment can be used as a Dit Da Jow. A formula for Iron Palm training has a broad action and can benefit most external injuries.

Most Iron Palm Liniment formulas contain over 15 and sometimes up to 25 or more herbs. There are many different Iron Palm Liniment formulas. Each style or tradition has their own recipe. While some of the herbs differ, the actions of the herbs are similar.

You should never practice hitting the Iron Palm bag without using Iron Palm Liniment. It is important to understand that you must use an authentic Iron Palm Liniment. You can not just use any Dit Da Jow.

In our online Course we teach you how to make your own Liniment. And, we give you the formula. This means you will not have to rely on others for the supplies you need to practice. You will be able to make it yourself. This is important.

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