What equipment will you need to develop Iron Palm?

If you practice Internal Iron Palm, you do not need any equipment. You just need to know how to practice. Our online course has all the details.

If you want to practice External Iron Palm training you will need some equipment. Our course covers how to make and set up everything you need.

Here is a quick overview of everything you will need.

Sifu Fick Hitting the Bag

Iron Palm Bag

Today you can easily buy an Iron Palm Bag. This was not the case some years ago.

Although it is convenient to just go and buy a bag for training, there are some drawbacks. Most of the bags you can buy do not give you control over the material in the bag or how loose or light it is packed.

We teach you how to make your own bag. The best material is heavy canvas without any chemicals or printing on it. If you make your own bag it can be open on one end. This allows you to have complete control over the material in the bag. It also allows you to change the material as you progress through the levels of training.

We recommend using a hose clamp that you can get from any hardware store to close the bag. This allows you to control how tightly the bag is packed and the ability to make adjustments. It is also a solution that is not expensive and readily available.

Sifu Fick Practicing Knifehand Strike

Bag Stand

You will also need to have a stand for your bag. The stand needs to be the right height and sturdy enough to withstand the training.

We cover this in the course.

We recommend using cinder blocks to make your stand. They are easy to get, not expensive,and sturdy. And, creating your own stand allows you to customize the height so that it fits you just right. This is important because you will spend a lot of time over the years hitting your bag.

Iron Palm Liniment

This is a very important part of the training. You should not hit the bag without using a proper liniment. From what I have seen, it is common for teachers to keep the formula for the liniment secret and instead sell the already made formula to their students. This prevents competition in the field and also provides the teacher with income for the future. The drawback is that to continue your training over the years you must depend on someone else to provide essential material.

In our online course we teach you how to make your own liniment. We also give you the formula. This means you will never have to rely on anyone else to continue the training.

If you are interested in learning Iron Palm, this is a unique opportunity. Traditional material at your fingertips day or night. The ability to study at your own schedule, right from home. Nothing held back. Learn the complete training.

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