What exactly is Iron Palm training and what does it entail?

There are many different methods of Iron Palm Training. In our online course we cover every aspect of 4 different stand alone methods of training Iron Palm.

The most common method of Iron Palm is:

Sifu Fick Practicing Knifehand Strike

Iron Palm Bag Training

When most people think of Iron Palm training they think of striking an Iron Palm bag. This is the method that most people teach. Naturally,this is what most people will think of. It is also the method most depicted in movies.

For this training method you will need an Iron palm bag, bag stand, and iron palm liniment. In our online course we teach you how to make all these things .

The training consists of striking a bag with the hands. There are different striking methods to condition the different parts of th hand. For this method you must use a herbal liniment to protect the hands from damage. You cannot do this training without the herbal liniment. There is also a special way to massage the liniment into the hands. This massage not only helps to ensure that the medicine gets to all the tissue, but it also helps to strengthen the hands and help the hands recover form the training. In addition to the liniment and how to massage it into the hands, there are also other exercises that make up th training routine. These exercise help to strengthen the hands and also protect them from damage.

The training is more than just hitting the hands. In our online course we cover all aspects of the training in detail. We also cover how to make the Iron palm bag, the bag stead, and the herbal liniment. We also give you the formula for the liniment. Herbal formulas like this were traditionally held as secrets.

The advanced levels of the training were traditionally also reserved for select students. In our course we cover all the advanced levels of the training. These levels include the material that is in the Inn Palm Bag and also advanced ways to hit the bag. These advanced levels develop whole body involvement in the strike, how to generate power from a short distance, and also how to send power into and through the target.

Sifu Fick Practicing Internal Iron Palm

Interal Iron Palm Training Method.

For the most part,the internal Iron Palm training methods are less well known. We teach two complete stand alone Internal training methods. These methods can best be described as similar to Qigong. One method uses dynamic tension in the exercises and the other method is done in a completely soft and relaxed manor.

The internal method that uses dynamic tension can be combined with the bag training method. In our online course we cover how to practice these two methods together.

Sifu Fick Practicing Internal Pai Da Method of Iron Palm

Pai Da Method

In this training method you hit the hands together in different way to develop Iron Palm. The entire set of excises contains different ways to strike hands together to condition direct part of the hand.

These exercises are done with whole body involvement by sending a wave through body that culminates with the hands hitting together. There are also exercises that relax and strengthen the tendons of the hands and increase circulation.

This set can be a standalone training. It can be used to supplement the other training methods taught in our online course if they are trained at different times. Or, if your main training is the bag method and you find yourself unable to train because of circumstances, like being away from your training equipment, you can use the Pai Da Training Method as a substitute for a short while.

How to choose the right method to train

The methods above are all standalone methods. You should not try to train all of them together. The exception is that the Internal method with dynamic tension can be trained with the Bag Method. And, the Pai Da Method can be used as a supplement to any of the other methods.

The question then is, how do you choose the right method to train? All the methods taught in the online course are good,but which one is the right fit for you? Here are some things to think about.

The bag training method will give you quicker results then the Internal methods by themselves. But, training the bag method requires equipment. You need the bag, a bag stand, and the Iron Palm Liniment. If you travel a lot this method of training will be impractical. Also if you live in an apartment it also might be impracticable. The bag method requires striking the bag and your neighbors might not be happy about all the noise you will be making every day.

If you are interested in the Internal training methods keep in mind that the results will be a little slower then the bag training method. But you won't need any equipment. The internal exercises can be done anywhere. All you need is the time everyday to practice.

The most important things is that you choose the method that fits your life the best, that you are motivated to succeed in your training, and that you the follow through and practice the method diligently.

The knowledge contained in our online Iron Palm course will give you all the information you need for a lifetime of practice and improvement. We did not hold anything back, It is up to you to take action and achieve what other people would consider extra ordinary. Sign up now and start your journey.