Qigong is a Chinese form of exercise that works with the body, mind, and energy. It has been practiced throughout the ages for its’ ability to promote good health and longevity. In modern times Qigong is gaining in popularity for these same reasons, but many people might not be aware of how exactly the exercises of Qigong help to promote health and healing.

Qigong Promotes the Circulation of Qi and Blood

The exercises work to break up any stagnation that might exist and to promote the circulation of Qi and blood. The free circulation of Qi and blood is essential for maintaining the health and healing. Even if the body is in a state of health it still must continuously repair and regenerate. Without the necessary elements supplied by the Qi and the blood, these tasks can not happen. By promoting the free circulation of Qi and blood, Qigong helps the body maintain itself and repair itself. This is important even in a healthy individual and can be extremely beneficial for many health conditions.

In addition to providing the material that the body needs to build and repair itself, the free circulation of Qi and blood is also essential for removing the waste material from every aspect of the body. The improper elimination of waste material can also have a detrimental effect of the health. So, the transportation and circulation is important when it is going to and also when it is going away from different parts of the body.

Qigong helps to Relieve Stress and Tension

The movements of the exercises work to twist, extend, and stretch the different parts of the body. These physical actions help to alleviate any tension or stress that might have accumulated. By consistently working the body through the practice of Qigong, these minor tensions are banished before they have a chance to turn into something larger. Beyond the physical relaxation, Qigong also has a positive effect on the mental aspect of the practitioner, with many people reporting that regular practice makes them feel calm and energized.

Deep Breathing has many benefits

The deep breathing of Qigong also has many benefits. It helps to calm the mind and helps the practitioner obtain a state of relaxation. In addition, the physical actions of the breathing actually work to massage the internal organs, stimulating and strengthening them.

Qigong keeps the joints strong and flexible

The exercises work to stimulate the joints of the body. This helps to keep the joints flexible, mobile, and strong. The actions of the joints also ensures that the tissue of the joints receive good circulation, which helps them to stay healthy and repair themselves.

Qigong promotes better digestion and elimination

The physical actions of the exercises and the deep breathing can have a positive effect on the organs of digestion and elimination. This is extremely important because the body gets the energy and nutrients that it needs to maintain and repair itself from the food we eat and the air we breath. When the digestion is functioning at an optimal state, then the body can better extract what it needs from the food that is digested. Elimination is also important because this is how the body gets rid of waste material.

Qigong promotes better sleep

The improved circulation, relaxation, and the regulation of the body’s function along with the mental clam that is produced by Qigong practice helps to promote better sleep. There are also some Qigong practices that are a great way to get ready for a night of restful and rejuvenating sleep. Sleep is very important because it plays a vital role in repairing and maintaining the body, along with the regulation of hormones.

Qigong promotes the health of the Central Nervous System

The spine and the Central Nervous System (CNS) are very important in the body. The nerves connect to each and every part of the body and all the internal organs. The healthy function of the CNS is essential for health. Many Qigong movements work to twist and move the spine. This not only helps the spine regain mobility and stay flexible and strong, but it also promotes circulation to every part of the spine and helps to strengthen the function of the CNS.

These are all concrete physical ways in which Qigong Exercise helps to maintain and promote health and longevity. We did not cover anything esoteric or energetic but these also exist along with the physical. The ability for the body to repair and maintain itself is essential and is the basis for developing vibrant health and longevity and also the ability to recover more quickly if a health concern does arise.