Tai Chi Course

Experience the Benefits of Tai Chi


Tai Chi For Health

  • Relaxing and Low Impact Workout
  • Increase Your Balance and Coordination
  • Improve Your Posture and Body Awareness
  • Keep Your Joints Strong and Flexible
  • Stimulate Circulation with Slow Rhythmic Movements
  • Deep Breathing Massages Internal Organs and Improves Digestion and Elimination

The Tai Chi for Health Course

You get 2 Complete Video Training Courses.


Tai Chi Workout

taichiThe Tai Chi Workout is designed so that you can Experience the Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi without the Frustration of Having to Learn a Long and Complicated Form.

The exercises in this workout are easy to learn and gentle on the body while building skills and attributes that are necessary to explore the depth of Tai Chi Practice. This workout was designed so that evan as a brand new student you can follow along and practice all the exercises on your first day.

The workout includes exercises that loosen and relax the joints, a standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang) which builds energy and connection in the body, Tai Chi walking exercises, and Tai Chi movement exercises. This is a low impact workout that will help you relax and get rid of stress, become more aware and in control of your body, and benefit circulation.

The Tai Chi Workout should take you between 20 to 40 minutes depending on your what your goals are.


Yang Style Tai Chi for Health

A Complete Training Course In Yang Style Tai Chi

Step by step instruction in Yang style Tai Chi from the very beginning to mastery. Our video lessons take you from the basic concepts and principles you need to know to practice Tai Chi correctly to the very advanced levels.

You will learn:

  • Concepts and principles of Tai Chi Practice
  • Hand Positions used when practicing
  • Stances
  • Warmup Exercises
  • Qigong Exercises
  • Standing Meditation
  • Shifting the Weight and Tai Chi Walking
  • Tai Chi Single Posture Practice
  • The Yang style 24 Movement Short Form
  • The Traditional Yang style Tai Chi Long Form

The information contained in this instructional video series will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment and benefit from Tai Chi Practice.


Who Is This Course For?


This course is for anyone interested in Traditional Tai Chi Training. Anyone interested in getting the benefits of Tai Chi will benefit from the traditional training approach.

The Video Lessons that take you step by step through all the exercises,

You also get access to a student only forum to ask any questions or get feedback.

You also get lifetime access to the Spirit Dragon Private Student Facebook Group

  • Gain Real Internal Skill
  • Stop Wasting Time and Money
  • Have a Clear and Systematic Training Program


Detailed Video Instruction

  • Watch and learn at any time
  • Watch as many times as you want
  • Learn at your own pace

Student Forums

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Feedeback
  • Interact with other Students

As a Bonus you also get Lifetime Access to Private Student Facebook Group!

How Does It Work?

After you sign up you will have access to your exclusive member’s area. From this member’s area you will be able to watch your instructional videos and access the student forum.

You can watch the videos online from wherever you are in the world. All you have to do is sign on.

The videos are available online 24/7 for the duration of your membership.


How Much is This Going To Cost?


Taking a private lesson can cost $100 per hour or more these days. And that’s a conservative figure. A month of classes at a school will cost you the same or more. If you wanted to learn all the material in this course from me directly it would cost several thousands of dollars.

But when you sign up today you can get all this training for only a fraction of the price.

Why?  Because I would be extremely happy to hear about the great results that you will get from the training.  And, I want to give you a chance to experience Traditional Tai Chi. The difference between a traditional approach and what is commonly marketed to the “health market” — well you can see for yourself…


We have 3 options fro you to choose from:




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  • Tai Chi for Health Yearly
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  • Student Apprentice
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