Yijinjing QigongThere are many different types of Qigong. I personally like to classify Qigong into three main categories based on the goals and methods of practice.

1. Medical Qigong

These are exercises that are specifically practiced to address a specific imbalance or disharmony in the body. Once this disharmony is gone then the exercise is no longer needed. These are specific practices for specific purposes. The application and selection of the practice of Medical Qigong requires training and skill. This is really a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is beyond the scope of normal practitioners and it is not the subject of this site.

2. Martial Qigong

These are exercises that are practiced for a specific purpose but the aim is not to cure disease but instead to gain some sort of ability through training. This could be something like Iron Palm, Iron Shirt, or being able to generate more power in strikes and kicks. These practices are usually not trained alone but instead are part of a complete martial system. The other trainings in the system usually help top balance out the practitioner and prevent harm. Some of these practices should only be attempted and trained under the guidance of a qualified teacher. This type of Qigong practice is not the subject of this website.

3. General Health Maintenance Qigong

These are practices that are well rounded. They work many different aspects of the body in a holistic fashion with the goal of creating better health, strengthening the entire system, and increasing well being. This type of practice is the subject of this website and it is the type of practice that can benefit almost everyone.