Seated Eight Section Brocade Qigong BaduanjinThe Seated Eight Section Brocade is an ancient set of exercises designed to wash the internal body thereby clearing the energy channels from blockages and strengthening the internal organs and Qi or energy. This set is very simple to preform and only takes about 15 minutes. This set is great as a stand alone practice or it is a great practice to do before seated meditation. This Qigong set is best practiced right after waking up or right before going to bed.

This style of Qigong has been known by several different names including: The Eight Section Brocade, The Eight Treasures, The Eight Silk Brocades, Baduanjin, Pa Tuan Chin, etc. The names are all variations on the same general theme and it contains a lot of meaning. Very simply is refers to the fact that this set contains 8 exercises. But it also refers to the preciousness of this set (as in a fine brocade of cloth) and to the intricate system of energy flow inside the body.

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Benefits of Practice

The benefits of this practice are many. The exercises are subtle and the exercises are internal. Some movements are gentle massage or subtle movements or stimulation of the body. Because the movements are not vigorous the practitioner will not notice many obvious changes right away, but with consistent practice this set can really change the body and the energy. Students that practice daily for a period of three months usually report many benefits and some even say that the feeling of the exercises has deepened and changed with daily practice.

The benefits include a free circulation of Qi and Blood in the body which has a positive impact on the health and well being. The massages also directly and indirectly stimulate and strengthen the internal organs.

When  practiced in the morning, this set is a great way to wake the body up for the day. It will make you feel energized and ready. When practiced at night before bed, this set is a great way to relax away the stress and tension that might have accumulated throughout the day and gets you ready for a good night’s sleep.

Origin of the Qigong Set

This Qigong set is very old. In fact there are many different stories about the founding of the style. One story says that the Immortal Lu Dong Bin is the originator of this style and another story says that the famous General Yue Fei is the originator of the style. Who knows which origin is true. What we do know is that this Qigong set has a very long history and track record of producing results.

What we do know is that because this Qigong system is so old, there exist some variations in the sets that have been passed down over the years. But in reality the variations are rather minimal and there is more in common between the different versions of the Eight Section Brocade Qigong then there is differences.


This set is easy to learn. The movements are gentle and non strenuous, many of them involve self massage. The set doesn’t take much time to practice – only about 15 minutes. It is a great way to start the day or a great practice to do right before bed.

  • In only 15 minutes
  • energize and wake up in the morning
  • wash away the stress and tension of the day
  • with a gentle series of self massage and internal exercises


The Exercises

The exercises of this set are relatively simple to learn. many of them consist of actions of self massage that are used to stimulate the flow of energy in the body and to break up stagnation. The set is broken down into eight sections.

Section 1 – Body Washing

The first section contains a series of self massages that wash and stimulate the different parts of the body and the energy meridians.

Section 2 – Beat the Heavenly Drum

This exercise wakes up and invigorates the brain.

Section 3 – Rotate the Eyes

This exercise strengthens the eyes.

Section 4 – Tap the Teeth

This exercise stimulates the teeth and gums.

Section 5 – Gargle

The first part of this exercise strengthens the teeth. The second part of this exercise lead the Qi or vital energy back into the Lower Dan Tien. It also has a positive effect on the digestion system.

Section 6 – Rub the Kidneys

This exercise stimulates and strengthens the Kidneys. It strengthens the Qi and the Jing (or sexual energy).

Section 7 – Rub the Abdomen

This exercise strengthens the Qi in the Lower Dan Tien and warms the abdomen. It has a positive effect on the energy of the body, the digestive organs, and the sexual energy.

Section 8 – Rub the Foot

This exercise helps to strengthen the Kidneys and the entire body. It also helps to circulate the energy to the extremities.



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