In this video Master Gong demonstrates weapons from the internal styles that he studied. These weapons forms are passed down from Chu Gui Ting. Master Gong was a top disciple of Master Chu Gui Ting.

Master Chu Gui Ting was a top student of Xing Yi Master Li Cun Yi, a top student of Yang style Taiji Master Yang Chen Fu, a top student of Wudang Sword Master Li Jinglin, and Master Chu studied Bagua with several teachers.

In this video master Gong demos:
Xing Yi Liu He Jian (Six Harmony Sword)
Xing Yi San He Dao (Three Harmony Broadsword)
Ba Gua Long Xing Jian (Ba Gua Dragon Shape Sword)
Yang style Taiji Jian (Taiji Sword)
Yang style Taiji Dao (Taiji Broadsword)
Wudang Dui Jian (Wudang Paired Sword)