The Five Animal Frolics Qi Gong was created by Hua Tuo. Hua Tuo was a famous physician who lived around 200AD and developed these exercises by observing nature. The five animals that he chose to pattern his exercises on are the Crane, Bear, Deer, Monkey, and Tiger. Practicing these exercises helps to harmonize the flow of internal energy in the body, strengthen the internal organs, and fortify the body.

The two sets taught in this book are easy to learn and fun to practice. The layout and illustrations have been designed to make learning from this book easy.

The Crane Frolics Qi Gong mimics the way a Crane moves its wings and stands on one leg. The Crane exercises strengthen the Heart, Lungs, and circulation.

The Bear Frolics Qi Gong mimics the turning motions and grounded nature of the Bear. The Bear exercises strengthen the lower body and waist. Practicing these exercises benefits and strengthens the Kidney, Uro-genital, and Digestive system.