The Seated Eight Section Brocade is an ancient set of exercises designed to stimulate and to cleanse the energy channels of the body, remove obstructions from these channels, strengthen the internal organs, and bring the channels and organs into harmony.

This set is very simple to learn and practice yet provides tremendous benefits. To experience the effectiveness of this set of exercises it is important to practice daily. This set only takes about 15 minutes to go through and is best practiced in the morning after waking and/or at night before going to bed. This set is great as a stand alone Qi Gong practice or it is a great practice to do before seated meditation.

This book presents the Seated Eight Section Brocade Qi Gong with clear illustrations and easy to understand directions.

If this set of exercises is practiced consistently for a period of time the sensations felt while practicing will change. This happens because over time with consistent practice the effects go deeper into the body. Remember that these changes do not happen overnight. It takes a great deal of time and practice to cultivate, so one should not become discouraged.