*** Sorry – we are currently restructuring this site***

and are not offering private lessons at this time





How is the Class Conducted?

To conduct the class we use the free program Zoom.

This platform has several advantages over other video call software.

  • more stable and higher quality connection then other software
  • it will allow you to record the call to your computer

You do not have to do anything other then schedule a class. When you schedule your first class – before the class I will send you a link to join your class. If you do not have the Zoom software already installed on your computer, when you click the link it will prompt you to install the software. You will then be able to join your class. For future classes you will also be sent a link to join your class but since you already will have the software installed, the link will open the software and let you join your class.


Private Class Agreement

When you schedule and pay for a private class you agree to the following terms:

  • You must be at least 18 Years Old to take a class.
  • No refund for classes missed or rescheduling of classes.
  • Private Sessions are teaching sessions. Not just the teacher demonstrating something for you to look at and go through latter.
  • You agree to respect your scheduled class time. Be online and join your class before it is scheduled to start so that we can start at the appointed time. I am passionate about kung fu and would love to stay and chat all day long about stuff, but we need to end the class at the appointed time.
  • You may record your class for future reference. It is always good to look back and refresh the details that you might have missed or forgotten about over time. The class is for the student only – it is not to be shared in any format or posted online at all.
  • You assume all risk for preforming the exercises or following any instructions. Taking a class constitutes a covenant not to bring any lawsuits or action for any injury or loss caused by any instruction you may have received. Any information recieved during a class is not a substitute for professional medical care and or diagnosis. Before starting any any program, exercise, movement, or breathing regimen you should obtain the advise and permission of your physician or other health care professional. The information and services made available by or through the use of this website and through private video lessons are provided for use by persons who have satisfied themselves as to the appropriateness of its use for themselves after obtaining the advice of a physician or other health care professional.