Learn Ng Ga Kuen

Ng Ga Kuen translates as Five Family Style. It is a unique and traditional form of Southern Shaolin that was brought to the US by legendary Grandmaster Ark Wong. It is a complete training that contains many forms, animal forms, internal training, long arm, and short arm techniques.

Ark Wong and Louie Martinez- Ng Ga Kuen

Grandmaster Ark Wong & Louie Martinez

We offer a unique and unbroken tradition. Master Louie Martinez was a direct student of Ark Wong and taught at Ark Wong's school for many years. Head Instructor Franklin Fick was a direct student of Master Martinez.

Grandmaster Ark Wong


Master Luoie Martinez


Sifu Franklin Fick

This course covers all the open hand forms
needed to achieve Black Sash.
(We will be filming the weapons forms soon!)

This course covers:

Foundation Material and Forms

Total of 210 Video Lessons and 15 Hours and 40 Minutes Hours of Instructional Video

Ng Ga Kuen - Salute

Ng Ga Kuen Salute

Ng Ga Kuen - Basics

Ng Ga Kuen Basics

Ng Ga Kuen - Breathing Exercises

Ng Ga Kuen Breathing Exercises

Ng Ga Kuen - Exercise Exercises

Exercise Forms 1, 2, & 3

Ng Ga Kuen - Salute Act

Salute Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Small Cross Act

Small Cross Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Butterfly Act

Butterfly Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Blackbird Act

Blackbird Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Combination Act

Combination Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Palm Act

Palm Act

5 Animal Forms

Total of 110 Video Lessons and 9 Hours and 17 Minutes Hours of Instructional Video

Ng Ga Kuen - Tiger Act

Tiger Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Dragon Act

Dragon Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Snake Act

Snake Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Crane Act

Crane Act

Ng Ga Kuen - Leopard Act

Leopard Act

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