Shaolin Kung Fu Course

Learn Traditional Ng Ga Kuen




Learn Five Family Southern Shaolin

As Passed Down By Legendary Grandmaster Ark Wong

Foundation Course

The foundation course covers everything in the basic and intermediate level of the Ng Ga Kuen Curriculum.

  • History of the System
  • Salute of the System

Detailed Basics:

  • Stances
  • Hand techniques
  • Kicks
  • Walking

The Foundation Forms

  • Salute Act
  • Exercise Form 1
  • Small Cross Act
  • Butterfly Act
  • Blackbird Act
  • Combination Act
  • Palm Act
  • Exercise Form 2
  • Exercise Form 3



  • Authentic Tradition
  • Devastating Fighting Techniques
  • Supercharge Your Fitness
  • Fun To Practice
  • Detailed and Clear Instruction

Detailed Foundation Curriculum


The Basics:


Breathing Exercises

Simple yet very powerful exercises that train the entire body, develop the internal energy or Qi (Chi), and develop internal power. They enhance the health and form a strong foundation for the martial practices.

2 Sets are Taught.



Learn the basics of the Five Family System along with the history and characteristics of the system. Learn Stances, Hand Techniques, Blocks, Strikes, Kicks, How to Walk with the Stances, How to combine the Hand Techniques with the Walking, and How to Put it All Together to make a Free Form Drill.



Foundation Forms



Salute Act

The first form of the system and also the formal salute for the rest of the basic forms. It builds a solid foundation and includes strikes, blocks, joint locks and throws.



First Exercise Form

Not a traditional Form of the system. This form was created by Grandmaster Ark Wong’s Grandson, Se Ming Ma. It provides a short sequence of movements that a student can easily learn and practice.



Small Cross Act

This form develops and solidifies the student’s basics. Developing powerful punches, blocks, and applications. It also introduces an elbow technique and the butterfly palms.



Butterfly Act

This form further emphasizes strong blocks, punches, and further develops the circular palm movements. It also introduces a sweep along with some movements of the Crane and the Tiger.



Black Bird Act

Many of the movements mimic the Black Bird flapping its wings. These movements work to condition the body, develop power, and introduce the more flowing and circular types of movements that will come later in the system.



Combination Act

This form combines powerful punches and blocks with the movements of the Tiger, Crane, and Dragon.



Palm Act

This form emphasizes attacking with the open hand such as slapping and hand cutting techniques.


Second Exercise Form

Third Exercise Form

These Two Forms introduce some interesting animal movements



Who Is This Course For?


If you are interested in learning Shaolin Kung Fu then this course is for you. The detailed step by step video instruction takes you all the way from the basics to Mastery!

The curriculum covers everything from stances, handwork, forms, Qigong, and fighting application!

The Video Lessons that take you step by step through all the exercises,

You also get access to a student only forum to ask any questions or get feedback.

You also get lifetime access to the Spirit Dragon Private Student Facebook Group

  • Gain Real Skill
  • Stop Wasting Time and Money
  • Clear and Systematic Training Program

Detailed Video Instruction

  • Watch and learn at any time
  • Watch as many times as you want
  • Learn at your own pace

Student Forums

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Feedeback
  • Interact with other Students

As a Bonus you also get Lifetime Access to Private Student Facebook Group

How Does It Work?

After you sign up you will have access to your exclusive member’s area. From this member;s area you will be able to watch your instructional videos and access the student forum.

You can watch the videos online from wherever you are in the world. All you have to do is sign on.

The videos are available online 24/7 for the duration of your membership.


How Much is This Going To Cost?

Taking a private lesson can cost $100 per hour or more these days. And that’s a conservative figure. A month of classes at a school will cost you the same or more.

If you wanted to learn all the material in this course from me directly it would cost several thousands of dollars.

If you wanted to travel the world and seek out qualified teachers- then the cost is not even something I want to think about!!! (mainly because I already spent that much and more!!)

When you sign up for this Online Training Course Today- You don’t have to travel and you can take the lessons when ever is convenient for you.

And the best part is you get a whole lot of priceless information! It is a great value.

But why am I able to offer it for such a low price?

The simple answer is that I made a promise to my teacher that I would teach and pass on this style. So if you are interested in learning authentic southern Shaolin Kung Fu, then now you do not have any excuses. I have brought the instruction right to you and at anytime you want. The video lessons can be streamed on any internet connected device and they are available to you 24/7!




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