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Internal Power

Internal Power is Not Mysterious.

It Does Not Take Years to Develop Internal Power.

It Should Not Be  A Secret Only For A Chosen Few!

There is nothing mysterious about Internal Power and you can start developing it right now.

It won’t take years to see results!

And if your instructor is telling that one day “if you are worthy enough” he or she will tell you the secrets– its time to run in the opposite direction! (unless you want to waste a lot of time and money and have no skills to show for it… but I would not recommend that.)

Can’t I Figure This Out Myself?

Yes you could- if you wanted to invest decades of study with multiple teachers and in multiple arts. That’s what I did to get all this knowledge. But even then you are not guaranteed to get anywhere.

The problem is that a lot of teachers don’t have the skill. And even if they have the skill, many are not good at teaching how it is they got so good. Many will tell you just to keep practicing. But the problem is that decades of improper practice will not lead to skill.

Its All In The Forms?

Many teachers will tell you that all the secrets are in the forms. I have found this to be true — BUT this is only true if you are doing the forms in the correct manner. You can practice empty forms for years and all you will have are a bunch of empty forms. They might look very nice but you will not have any internal power.

The Solution?


A Step By Step Program

I took from my decades of experience both as a student under many different teachers and as a teacher myself and I organized a systematic program for developing and learning to use Internal Strength.

There is nothing mystical about the process. In fact –  it is going to be hard work. But with this program you can be sure that your practice will produce results.

You don’t have to search out the information – it is all laid out for you.


Here is What You Will Learn



Module One: Building the Body

Learn how to relax and connect the different parts of the body. Develop softness, mobility, flexibility, and relaxation while at the same time coordinating and connecting the body so that it can work together. This type of connection is essential for developing and using Internal Power.

This is also a fundamental practice for Taoist Internal Cultivation and has a great benefit on the Health

The exercises done with mindfull intent work to increase the connection and awareness. They develop mind body connection as well as physical relaxation, mobility and connection. The effectiveness of the exercise only increases through time. This is a lifelong practice that will keep giving to the dedicated practitioner.

In this module you will learnt he Nei Kung Set. This set contains 5 sections of exercises and can be practiced several different ways. This set contains:



Module Two: Developing Internal Power

The sets of exercises in this module are collectively referred to as the “Internal Power Exercises.”

These exercise take the body attributes that you developed in the last module: softness, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and integration, and give you step by step exercises designed to not only condition your body further, but teach you how to use your body effectively to generate internal power.

By clearly understanding the Principles and Concepts and working through the exercises you come to understand not just intellectually but in your body physically the components that are necessary to manifest integrated whole body power.

Many of the exercises isolate aspects of movement and coordination so that they can be effectively trained and mastered. Once understood, it is easy to find these components in the form movements of the internal styles and then to effectively integrate and train all the aspects of correct movement while practicing the forms of the internal styles. And, you can always come back to these exercises to continue to refine and master the components if Internal Power.

You will learn:

Principles and Concepts

These are the principles and concepts you need to understand.

Dynamic Relaxation Set

This set teaches fundamental and very important aspects of movement in the internal styles. This set teaches you how to shift the weight and turn the body from the hip joint while maintaining connection with the ground. It teaches how the movement from the ground moves the torso and how these movements move the hands and arms. Additionally, these exercises are great for the circulation and increasing flexibility and mobility in the joints.

Whipping Set

This set teaches how to generate whipping force in the major directions. it also teaches how to integrate the spine bow into the movements.

Candle Punching

This exercise teaches you to generate force from the ground through the torso and out the arm. the great thing about this exercise is that the candle provides instant feedback. You do not have to guess if you are doing something right or something wrong. You know each time you strike. in addition this practice is a great conditioning exercise.

Push Exercise

Practiced with a partner, the three levels of this exercise teach how to use the ground to generate force and how to receive force and take it down into the ground. Practicing this exercise helps to integrate the arms, torso, and legs together. As you push or receive a push from your partner you must dynamically adjust the connections in your body. This helps to condition the body, namely the connections between the torso and arms and the torso and legs. Any break in the connection becomes apparent immediately during the exercise and corrections can be made and evaluated. Eventually this exercise leads the student to be able to maintain a connection between the hand sand the ground by being able to dynamically adjust according to the external stimulus.

Effortless Push

An effortless push uses your opponents mass or structure and the natural compression of the soft tissue in the body to effortlessly connect and move your opponent. This is a skill that is much talked about in the internal arts, but most people do not go beyond talk. This skill is the true uprooting ability. It is essential that a student master the ability to do an effortless push before they can work on striking with these same mechanics.

Bag Work

Use the heavy bag to practice striking and kicking in an internal manner. You will learn how to practice whipping strikes on the bag and how to practice effortless power strikes on the bag. The bag provides feedback and also gives a way to practice actual contact without the risk of injury to a training partner.


Module Three: Essential Xing Yi

Learn the 5 element forms of Xing Yi Quan. Detailed instruction in the fundamental power exercise for Xing Yi — San Ti Shi — A powerful standing meditation. Plus detailed instruction in each of the 5 element forms.




Who Is This Course For?


If your a student of the Internal Arts and you are interested in developing the type of power that you have only read about or heard people talking about- then this course is for you.

The Video Lessons that take you step by step through all the exercises,

You also get access to a student only forum to ask any questions or get feedback.

You also get lifetime access to the Spirit Dragon Private Student Facebook Group

  • Gain Real Internal Skill
  • Stop Wasting Time and Money
  • Have a Clear and Systematic Training Program


Detailed Video Instruction

  • Watch and learn at any time
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  • Learn at your own pace

Student Forums

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As a Bonus you also get Lifetime Access to Private Student Facebook Group!

How Does It Work?

After you sign up you will have access to your exclusive member’s area. From this member;s area you will be able to watch your instructional videos and access the student forum.

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How Much is This Going To Cost?


Taking a private lesson can cost $100 per hour or more these days. And that’s a conservative figure. A month of classes at a school will cost you the same or more. If you wanted to learn all the material in this course from me directly it would cost several thousands of dollars.

If you wanted to travel the world and seek out the teachers that I learned from and spend decades learning- then the cost is not even something I want to think about!!! (mainly because I already spent that much and more!!)

When you sign up for this Online Training Course Today- You don’t have to travel and you can take the lessons when ever is convenient for you.

And the best part is you get a whole lot of priceless information! It is a great value.

You get a whole systematized training program that will start you on the path to developing real internal power. I know it works and I want to see you develop these skills for yourself!

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