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Sifu Franklin Fick

Head Instructor
Franklin Fick

Sifu Franklin Fick, founder and head instructor of Spirit Dragon Institute, has dedicated his life to learning and passing on the Traditional Arts of China. He has learned from some of the best instructors in the world and for over 20 years he has been teaching and sharing what he has learned.

"Franklin is able to demonstrate and teach with a level of detail that is hard to find anywhere else. Learning traditional martial arts is made easier through clear and detailed instruction. "

High Quality Step by Step Video Instruction in authentic and traditional arts.

What are students saying?

  • All the knowledge shared here is impressive!
  • Your presence comes through so beautifully on the videos...
  • The instruction videos are good. It is almost as good as when I had classes with you in person.

Learn Authentic Chinese Arts

We represent many traditional and unbroken lines of Traditional Arts. You don't need to seek out a teacher or travel half way around the world. Becoming part of our family means you are part of these authentic and traditional lines of knowledge!

Join Our Global Community

Since starting to offer online classes in Traditional Chinese Kung Fu in 2010, students have joined and learned from all over the world. Join a true global community of Kung Fu practitioners. Interact with fellow students through our student forums or private facebook group.

Save Significant Money

Online lessons save you money. To attend a local school you may have to pay $100 or more a month. With online lessons you don't even pay a fraction of that and you have all the material at your fingertips. You can learn at anytime- no waiting for a class to start and no wasted time commuting!

Study From Anywhere

You can login and study at any time and from anywhere. You are not limited by classtime, distance, or commute. If you have an internet connection, then you can study. Take lessons according to your schedule. Progress as quickly as you want! Review old lessons or learn something new!

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